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Inspired by traditional Chinese court jewellery techniques, reinterpreting its concept of inheritance and apprenticeship, to bring its authentication and delicacy in the process of making with creativity. We develop various workshops to spread the specialised skills to the local community and narrow the distance between royal craftsmanship culture and contemporary jewellery practice.


Meet The Team

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Jewellery Designer /

Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritor of Filigree Inlay

Master's Degree in Jewellery from the Royal College of Art, UK Founder of the ZoeyFiligree brand. She has been committed to promoting and preserving traditional Chinese jewellery craftsmanship and reviving almost lost intangible cultural heritage techniques overseas. Zoey owns an advanced jewellery studio and teaching workshop, where she personally develops and instructs more than a hundred craft courses, having trained hundreds of professionals and enthusiasts. Her works have been exhibited on platforms like London Design Week and interviewed by official media such as "Chinese Women" and "People's Daily."

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Studio Manager / Workshop Teacher


Master's Degree from Goldsmiths, University of London, Ray interprets jewellery as an expression of fluid identity, questioning its value and demand. They employ methods such as perception, storytelling, performance, and material usage to convey the essence of jewellery in contemporary society, cultural context, and tradition. Through contemplation, experimentation, and creativity, Ray seeks to explore more possibilities in the realm of jewellery.

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Marketing Operations

Illustrator Bachelor's Degree

from the School of Humanities,

Central Academy of Fine Arts

Master's Degree from Goldsmiths,

University of London

Ju's eyes are as easily captivated by shiny things as a crow's. They are half-poets, having written art critiques, and worked as a teacher, a spontaneous model, and an illustrator. Their dedication lies in becoming an even better connoisseur of words. Ju is passionate about promoting overseas cultures, including but not limited to arts and crafts, Chinese-language music and traditional culture.

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