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To appreciate and enhance the value of Chinese traditional crafts&fine jewellery, we aim to bring its authentication and delicacy in the process of making with creativity. Zoey Filigree has participated in different events and fairs throughout the year.

Designing bespoke jewellery is our speciality and we take pride in having a gathering of people who are interested in handcraft jewellery or willing to witness traditional expression.


London Design Week 2022

As an intangible cultural heritage, we are delighted to bring filigree inlay to participate in London Design Week this year.

To feel the weight of traditional Chinese crafts and hear their echo on a worldwide scale, we are very horned with realising recognition and respect for Chinese culture. We would love to show the combination of emerging cultural concepts colliding with the "dazzling" sparks of history and modern civilization.


This brand new display, a new collection led us more determined in the choice to make a contribution to the inheritance of Chinese traditional culture.


Filigree - fine jewellery workshop  Mayfair 2023

"Bringing the beauty of Suzhou-style gardens, painting the affection of fine gold filigree"


The refined gold filigree inlay technique known as a national gift, and the thousand-year-old Chinese aesthetic ingenuity, are gathered in Mayfair on 14 of May.

· [Private Exhibition of Fine Gold Filigree Inlaid Jewelry]: Private service to try on essential gold-plated filigree inlaid products made by Zoey Filigree, a display and introduction of our collection of filigree jewellery.

This is the first show of Chinese traditional culture condensed for thousands of years in London, we would love to shout out to the world that China has luxury jewellery in its own way.


SOHO, London Popup  2023

01/03/2023 - 14/03/2023 

55A Dean Street, London

Showcase of Filigree Inlay Collection

DSC_1852 (1)_edited.jpg
DSC_1801 (1)_edited.jpg

Bond St., London Popup 2023

26/03/2023 - 8/04/2023 

125 New Bond Street, Mayfair, London W1S 1DY

Showcase of Filigree Inlay Collection



Zoey Filigree x UCL CSSA

Collaboration with University College London, Chinese Students and Scholars Association Society

An induction on enamel jewellery technique 



Chinese Food Festival

The Chinese Food Festival will bring together authentic Chinese and Pan Asian dishes, Chinese art workshops and demos, a craft market, and more that honour Chinese food and culture. Head to the workshop area to try your hand at lantern making or creating enamel jewellery, or wander over to the Craft Market to purchase jewellery and handmade artworks. 




Showcase of Filigree Inlay Collection



Zoey Filigree x COOLER

An induction on enamel jewellery technique and guidance of personalised enamel making experience 

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