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  • 30 hr
  • 1,200 British pounds
  • Spare Street

Service Description

Enamel craft involves carefully grinding enamel glaze, applying it to processed metal surfaces, and undergoing processes such as polishing and firing to produce exquisite works. Enamel exhibits a gem-like brilliance. Since its introduction to China in the Yuan Dynasty, enamel craft rapidly developed in the Ming Dynasty and reached unprecedented prosperity and splendor during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. Jingtailan, scientifically known as cloisonné enamel on copper, also known as "burnt green," is an independent variety derived from the metal-inlaid enamel craft in China. It is widely believed that Jingtailan flourished during the Jingtai era. In the late Qing Dynasty, antique dealers continued to use this term, naming it "Jingtailan" or "Jingtailing." Later, due to the prevalent use of enamel glazes in a moon-blue color, and the phonetic similarity between "Lan" and "blue," it evolved into "Jingtailan." The upper limit of enamel craftsmanship is extremely high, yet it remains beginner-friendly and easy to pick up, all while being enjoyable. Zoey Filigree Studio in London offers long-term enamel craft classes for friends who enjoy crafting and jewelry. The classes cover various enamel crafting techniques, allowing you to master the skill and create several fulfilling pieces. The whole course will be about all enamel techniques: Flat-filling enamel, silver foil enamel, dry-sieve enamel, transparent window enamel, cloisonné enamel, painted enamel. Zoey Filigree Studio Enamel Craft Class Small class sizes, private appointments Join anytime, flexible scheduling Course includes all materials and tools Upon completion, you will have 7-8 finished enamel jewelry pieces. Feel free to come with your ideas and leave with a heart full of accomplishments.

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  • 1-5 Spare Street, London, UK


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